Thursday, August 28, 2008

Edit your photos on-line. But where?

I don't have a Photoshop on my Computer right now, so I turned to the big WWW for some help. I wanted to see to what extent can a person edit his/her pictures on-line. Well I'd say theat overall in all the editors options are quite limited, although good enough to remove red eyes, or make your pictures in a sketch mode or sepia tone.

I am trying out couple of editors and here is my quick review of the first one:

Adobe Photoshop Express
The official Adobe online application for picture editing.

It has a really nice look and feel, very mac-like :). The effects available are very basic, but I did like quite a bit of elements of this web application:
- the effects can be applied to different sections of a picture and not only to the whole picture
- a certain change done to the picture can be easily removed without effecting the entire work done on the image (changes/effects applied are treated as a separate element)
- navigation is very easy and clear
- picture upload is relatively fast, but equal to other applications as far as I can tell
- very nice slide show options - you can choose speed and order of your slideshow, whether picture fly around in a circle or just in a straight line :) etc. However, the slide show only looks stylish on the gallery of the Photoshop Express website, but not if you embed the code to your website...unless I don't know how to do it properly?

As already said, the effects are quite limited, and can't really be used for professional photo editing, but rather for a quick edit of your photos before you post them on Facebook or blog, if you want them to look a bit different

See this for the public gallery (click the play button on the album) and see bellow for embedded code. A bit of a difference between the two, eh?

For next time, I will be trying out the flauntR picture editor, so come back to see if I liked it and keep an eye open for News (TM).


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Diane said...

My favorite photo editor is available here. I like also being able to use it to fix brightness and contrast issues, white balance, and cropping. It's a very powerful photo editor.